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The High Tension Switchgear panel are designed and manufactured /assembled in accordance with the IEC-56 And the materials shall be used comply with the BS Standard unless otherwise specified in the specification.

11KV Switch board shall be consisting of 800A hard drawn electrolytic copper busbar and cubicle shall be free standing type for indoor installation, formed by pre-fabricated factory assembled. The cubicle shall be made of 14SWG sheet Metal at all media with from angle and channel welded together.

The rear and the Top of the cubicle shall be covered. The bottom shall be open to all connection of the cable Via cable end boxes. Necessary holding and fixing shall be arranged with the clamps.


1 No. 11KV, 3 Phase, 50Hz, Adequate rated VACUUM CIRCUIT BREAKER with Draw out Type motor operated mechanism with closing solenoid shunt releases, auxiliary contacts, 5NO+ 5NC & limit switch (1NO+1NC) for indicating closing spring charged mechanical ON/OFF/TRIP indicator.

3 Nos. 11KV Cast resin insulated Current Transformer, Ratio  ……./5/5A double core type, 1st core for metering, 2nd core for protection. Core 1 : 10VA, Class 0.5MS. Core 2 : 15VA,Class 10P10.

2 Nos. 11KV / 110V Cast resin insulated Potential Transformer, Accuracy Class 0.5 Burden …………VA in open delta connection.

1 No.  10A TP MCB at secondary side for protection control circuit.

1 No. Flush mounted Ammeters having scale 0 – 30A with Selector Switch.

1 No.  Flush mounted KV meter having Scale 0-15KV with Selector Switch.

6 Nos.  Indication Lamps for ON/OFF & TRIP and Three Phase (RYB) Indication.

3 Nos. Push Switch for ON / OFF & TRIP Release.

1 Set.  Triple pole, solid state micro processor based operated IDMT Relay for over current, earth fault and short circuit protection.

1 No. 3-phase, 4-wire, double tariff programmable kWh (HT) meter with solid state LCD display, 30 Minute integration period and built in timing device.

1 No. Panel Heater with Thermostat.