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Made in Germany’ quality and world-class, leading-edge technology – with features such as  self-healing, segmented capacitor film, contact ring and a mechanical fuse to protect against excessive pressure – ensure safety and reliability in operation. FRAKO power capacitors offer ‘Made in Germany’ quality and form the optimum basis for both fixed installed capacitance for specific duties and controlled power factor correction systems. Our power capacitors incorporate a fourfold safety system for maximum operational reliability. They are the first choice when consumers worldwide need to reduce reactive power, improve power quality and avoid charges for reactive demand.

FRAKO’s patented power capacitors are lead-free because of the patented contact ring and comply with the RoHS Directive. They are available in Basic, Standard, Premium and Heavy Duty versions, so that you can specify the ideal power capacitor for your individual requirements in terms of ampacity, ambient temperature and expected service life. Products of leading technologies need protection against counterfeiting. FRAKO power capacitors are marked with Holospot® labels, making the genuine product identifiable at first sight.

Model & Type : LKT-440-DB

Power Factor Correction Capacitors

  • Power Capacitor range: from 2.5 to 25 kvar
  • Voltage range (For LKT-440-DB) : 230V-440 V at 50Hz
  • Dry type : Triple safety features


 Current-Carrying Capacity

The levels of harmonic distortion in power networks are constantly on the rise globally, making it essential to design capacitors to handle increased current loading. The applicable standards call for a continuous current-carrying capacity of at least 1.3 times the rated current. At extreme levels of harmonics, however, even this value can be exceeded. For this reason FRAKO power capacitors are designed for a continuous current-carrying capacity of at least 1.5 times the rated current IN.

Special Technical Features

The following parameters are especially important in the operation of power capacitors:

  • Over-voltage capacity
  • Current-carrying capacity
  • Thermal endurance
  • Service life
  • Reliability when overloaded

FRAKO power factor correction (PFC) systems make a major contribution to achieving energy efficiency and reducing CO2 omissions, and are thus an indispensable component of modern electrical installations. At present-day electrical power tariffs, any investment in a PFC system usually pays for itself within one to three years, or even less. After that time the PFC system offers an improved energy balance and added company profitability, month after month. It is therefore a particularly lucrative investment when the system has a long service life; the longer it continues to operate, the greater is the return for your company. FRAKO PFC systems are renowned for their long operating life cycle, the power capacitors installed in them being exceptionally long-lived. FRAKO power capacitors are constructed with three features crucial to reliability and safety:

Self-healing capacitor film for protection against voltage peaks

Segmented capacitor film for maximum reliability
Mechanical fuses to disconnect the capacitor safely from the power supply if an excessive internal pressure develops due to overloading or at the end of its service life.

The pollution of our public supply networks with harmonics continues to increase steadily. Our engineers have decades of experience in analyzing power networks and designing PFC systems in challenging environments, and are thus well-equipped to assess specific situations in your company. They select the right PFC system that is best suited to your site conditions. The extreme robustness of our power capacitors is an additional bonus:

Over current : up to 2.7 times the rated current as continuous load
Peak inrush current: up to 450 times the rated current
Ambient temperature: up to 65 °C
Service life: up to 200,000 hours
Up to 100,000 switching cycles per annul.

FRAKO is certified to the international standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 50001. For many years the quality of our manufactured products has been registered and documented both in the factory and in the field. For this our own internal product standards, which are significantly more demanding than EN 60831, have been applied for quality assessment. This is the only way in which a manufacturer can promise that product quality remains at a permanently high level. Not only in the manufacture of our products, but also when they reach the end of their long service lives, we pay particular attention to conserving resources, minimizing energy consumption and protecting the environment. The quality of our products and our expertise in their application are the basis for providing the best possible benefits to our customers. This manual describes the technical fundamentals, our manufacturing philosophy and our ongoing commitment for interested readers. It provides the basic knowledge needed to select, install and operate our PFC systems.

World-class safety and reliability

The innovative design and patented technology of FRAKO power capacitors ensure a maximum degree of safety and reliability in ongoing operation. Genuine FRAKO power capacitors can be identified with certainty at first sight – thanks to the Holospot® label, which cannot be faked.


Self-healing polypropylene film Its self-healing property ensures that the dielectric film automatically isolates any puncturing that may occur.


The innovative contact ring patented by FRAKO totally eliminates the potential risk of damaging the winding as in conventional capacitor manufacture.


The over-pressure disconnection system is designed to disconnect the capacitor safely from the power supply if excessive internal pressure develops due to overloading or at the end of its service life.


The segmented film is a valuable supplement to the self-healing property and the over-pressure Dis-connector. If several punctures occur in a larger area of metallized film, the amount of energy involved could be too much for the self-healing action alone to cope with. In this case, the segmented film provides an EXTRA fail-safe function, since the severely overloaded segment is completely isolated from the power supply.



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