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11KV H.T. kWh METERING PANEL « Desh Engineers & Manufacturer Company Limited

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Steel clad sheet, Free standing floor mounting indoor type, 11 KV, 50 Hz meter unit with 630A 3-Phase hard drawn electric copper bus bar and all internal wiring equipment with 1 (one), 3-phase, 4-wire, double tariff programmable kWh (HT) meter with solid state LCD display, 30 Minute integration period and built in timing device.

Equipped with 03 Nos. Cast Resin Insulated Potential Transformer, 03 Nos. Cast Resin Transformer, 01 No. Volt Meter, Range 0-15KV with selector switch, 01 No. Ammeter with selector switch. 01 No. Test Terminal (TT) Box with cover etc.

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