Better Power
For Brilliant Future


The Power Factor Improvement Plant will be assembled as per the BS standard. 3 Phase, 415 / 240V, 50Hz, Automatic Operation by means of PFC Relay.

Sheet steel clad, dust and vermin proof free standing, floor mounting type cubicle made of 16 SWG sheet steel having front hinged type door with door locked. Adequate ratings of busbar shall be fixed at the back part of the cubicle and capacitors, magnetic contactor etc., will be located at the middle part on a front faced mounting plate. The capacitor shall be dielectric consisting of metallized polypropylene foil filled with non-PCB stabilized insulating agent with a flash point of > 250°C. The dielectric is self-healing. In case of overload voltage, the self-healing effect takes place.

Reactive power control Relays are microprocessor-based control relay for intelligent control of capacitor banks with control contacts. The PF Relay equipped with the control button and stage operating indication lamps will be flush mounted at the upper part to operate and monitoring the PFI Plant manually.

The cubicle / panel board shall be painted finish with semi-texture spray quoting with color RAL 7032 which shall be resistant to petrol, paraffin alkali.

The P.F.I. Plant can be operate Manual / Automatic operation with ability to switch each individual capacitor stage ON or OFF. Alarm signals are also available for over current, Fault in voltage circuit, Fault in Capacitor Stages in the relay.