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The Transformer are designed and manufactured in accordance with the BS-171 Standard. 3 Phase oil immersed, naturally air cooled Transformer according to VDE / IEC / BSS standard with 3 HT. Bushing & 4 LT. Bushing arranged on tank top, conservator, oil level indicator, drain and filling valves, lifting lugs, rollers filled with insulation oil.


The following fittings shall be equipped with the Transformer :

  1. Conservator tank.
  2. Silica gel breather.
  3. Temperature Measuring thermometer.
  4. Tap changer.
  5. Rollers.
  6. Ratings and diagram nameplate.

Manufacturing Range of Transformer : 100KVA – 2000KVA.


The invention of the power transformer towards the end of the nineteenth century made possible the development of the modern constant voltage AC supply system, with power stations often located many miles from centres of electrical load. Before that, in the early days of public electricity supplies, these were DC systems with the source of generation, of necessity, close to the point of loading.

Pioneers of the electricity supply industry were quick to recognise the benefits of a device which could take the high-current, relatively low-voltage output of an electrical generator and transform this to a voltage level which would enable it to be transmitted in a cable of practical dimensions to consumers who, at that time, might be a mile or more away and could do this with an efficiency which, by the standards of the time, was nothing less than phenomenal.
Today’s transmission and distribution systems are, of course, vastly more extensive and greatly dependent on transformers which themselves are very much more efficient than those of a century ago; from the enormous generator transformers such as the one illustrated, stepping up the output of up to 19 000 A at 23.5 kV, of a large generating unit in the UK, to 400 kV, thereby reducing the current to a more manageable 1200A or so, to the thousands of small distribution units which operate almost continuously day in day out, with little or no attention, to provide supplies to industrial and domestic consumers.

Here you can download about Transformer Theory and Design books :

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