Better Power
For Brilliant Future


A Country can not pick up its take off stage until it enters modern technological stage living behind the heritage of primitive and intermediary technology. Technological progress is proportional to the transition a speed of human development.

Where as our country is gradually trying to attain self sufficiency in power, Desh Engineers has come up to extend its efforts in order to strengthen the national interest. Its persistent endeavor had been to relive our country from the dependence on foreign technology and to supplement the countries progress.

While implementing its ambitious program in achieving self reliance on technology and to develop local expertise we have ventured to assemble our first LT Panel in 1986 and thus opening a new horizon for the local entrepreneurs for initiative and innovation. Subsequently it has expended its activities in assembling Power factor improvement plant and ultimately started assembling High Tension switchgear in 1989. In the course of last a few years experience its engineers; technicians and works man have become extremely skilled and have proved their capability and efficiency by their remarkable technique craftsmanship.

It is long journey to work in the power sector it has in its credit of supply, installation, commissioning of more than hundred complete Sub-stations of varies rating in various organization. To complete the total circuit, of late it has started manufacturing transformers since 1998.

Desh has been operating in Bangladesh since 1989 and has achieved public trust. It is a customer oriented institution. It remains dedicated to meet up with the ever growing expectations of the customer is always at the center.

It believes to rise to potential power by putting its maximum efforts and sharing its pride and glory with its honorable customers in its relentless struggle of changing the structure of our nation.